Reusability in Android (Kotlin) — List Adapter

In this article, we will shorten the code needed for creating a List Adapter for a Recycler View.

List Adapter is an Recycler View Adapter Extension, which provides a better performance than a normal Recycler View Adapter. If you have an understanding on how List Adapter works, then carry on. Otherwise, consider learning that first. See documentation.


List Adapter for a Todo List Recycler View

What Changes

  • the layout to inflate
  • the ViewHolder Class
  • the ViewHolder onBind() method


Step 1

  • Type Parameter T — type of the Lists this Adapter will receive, will be passed in the ListAdapter
  • Value Parameter DiffCallback — Diff Callback to pass in the ListAdapter

Note that, we also need to pass a Type Parameter of a ViewHolder class to the ListAdapter. But we will be creating a common ViewHolder Class for all adapters inheriting from AdapterX, removing the need to create a ViewHolder for each and every adapter.

Step 1

Step 2

We will need a Layout Resource which is going to be inflated, and thus, we can take it as a constructor parameter in AdapterX.

Step 2

Step 3

As we know, the onBind functionality can change from adapter to adapter, we will create an abstract Extension Method for ViewHolder, and let the inherited adapter implement it.

Step 3



That’s the same adapter we implemented at the start of the article. Just see the difference. Using AdapterX will boost your production speed and code maintainability easier.


Solution — There is no need for it anyways if we use View / Data Binding as all the views will be initialized when inflated. I’ll be posting articles about List Adapter + View / Data Binding Soon.

  • This will only work for adapters with only 1 Item View Types.

Solution — For multiple item view types, there is pretty much no reusability we can achieve.


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